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Natural Stone      Natural Diamond

Report Type        Diamond Grading Report (Linked to GIA USA official site you can click on report number and verify report on line) GIA Report Number  2171384854

Shape              Round Brilliant

Measurements       6.61mm -6.70mm -3.98mm

Carat Weight           1.09 carat

Color                            G

Clarity                          VS2

Cut                                Good

Polish                           Very Good 

Symmetry                  Very Good

Fluorescence          None

Inscription(s):        GIA 2171384854

Treatment :           None  


Depth 59.8 % Table 63 %

Crown Angle 36.0° Crown Height 13.5%

Pavilion Angle 41.0° Pavilion

Depth 43.0% Star Length 55% Lower Half 80% Girdle Medium, 3.5% Culet Very Small    

FINISH Polish Very Good Symmetry Very Good FLUORESCENCE Fluorescence None CLARITY CHARACTERISTICS Clarity Characteristics Crystal, Feather     INSCRIPTION(S) GIA 2171384854

1.09 Carat Round Cut Diamond GIA

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