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Bumble Bee mayor's 18K 750 YELLOW GOLD BROOCH PIN


Bumble Bee is wrought in 18K 750 yellow gold in the form of a pin. The body is engraved and studded with bobble, the eyes are faceted natural Diamonds and the outspread wings 

   It measures 20 mm long by 20.40 mm wide and sits up 10.07mm. Fitted with a good safety clasp and weighing a heavy 5.14 grams, it is fully marked and tested 18K 750 as well as with an mayor's maker’s mark.

 authentic antique jewelry

Brooch weighs 5.12 grams


Mayor's green Emerald and Diamond Bumble Bee 18K 750 YELLOW GOLD BROOCH PIN

SKU: 372
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