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This coin was minted in the Russian Empire in 1782 during the reign of Catherine the Great. Obverse: Catherine the Great royal initials crowned with 1782 printed around them; all details surrounded by wreath. Reverse: Imperial Russian double headed eagle crest with "Five Kopeki" written in Russian along the bottom. Catherine the Great was a Tsarina of the Russian Empire who ruled from 1762 - 1796. 1782, the year this coin was minted, was the same year the Crimean Khanate was annexed by the Russian Empire effectively making Crimea a province. Coin has vivid detail and is graded by PCGS. In 1782 the ruble was set to 18 grams of pure silver or 1.2 grams of pure gold regarding value.

PCGS Catherine the Great Imperial Russian Coin 1782

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